Open Plus Plus

Open Plus Plus 1.1

Customize context menus in Windows File Explorer


  • Completely customizable
  • You can organize commands in different groups


  • Default commands included in the program are not that useful

Not bad

Context menus are often ignored when using a computer, but the truth is that they can be very useful. And now with Open Plus Plus you can make them even more practical.

Open Plus Plus lets you add new commands and functions to the context menu of files and folders in Windows Explorer and thus customize it to your needs. All new commands will be stored in a sub-menu under a single entry (Open++) which means that they won't clutter the context menu with a dozen new items.

Open Plus Plus doesn't feature a standard user interface. Instead of running an EXE file, you have to access the program's sub-menu in the context menu of any file or folder and click on "Customize". This will bring up the program's configuration menu, where you can manage all the commands in the context menu: delete them, add new ones, use separators to organize them in groups, and more.

Open Plus Plus also includes some default commands you can add to context menus, though to be honest I found some of them rather useless (Open CD tray, Close CD tray…)

Open Plus Plus lets you customize the context menu of files and folders in Windows File Explorer with new commands and functions.

Open Plus Plus


Open Plus Plus 1.1

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